Muni Muni Studios is a conceptual design studio where I was tasked to create a logo and manifesto the studio would follow.
Muni Muni is a Tagalog (Filipino) word that loosely translates to think deeply or to reflect.
At Muni Muni studios, we aspire to do just that. Designers at Muni Muni Studios aim to constantly push their boundaries and think outside the box.
Our designers should strive to lead. With the power to influence others with their work, they should strive for change.
Our designers should strive to open minds.
Our designers should strive to start a conversation. With issues going on in the world, people are hesitant to speak out. Designers have the ability to start the conversation where others are anxious to do so.
Our designers should strive to learn.
Our designers strive to challenge; challenge norms, challenge the every day, challenge ourselves.
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